It has been almost a year since Sweet as Shuga emerged from a tiny little one person show to a full on business with a partner, website, quickbooks, wholesale accounts, home shows…I could go on and on. Old friends (not customers, you are all friends to us) traveled the road with us and made the switch over while all along the way new friends have joined in the Sweet as Shuga fun. Thank you. To each and every one of you, THANK YOU!

It has also been a whole stinking year since we have tried to begin this blog. But it always got put off, longer and longer. And each time I wandered here to write, the pressure mounted and I ran away, back to designing, pressing, shipping, emailing.

But today, as I sit typing with one hand because a precious newborn rests in my arms sleeping and my boy – my patience-testing,  rambuctious, constantly moving little rascal throws pieces of his older sister’s dress up doll down the stairs making the tenth pile of complete mess in my once clean home, I find myself shedding some tears. Pandora just played me a little song and the words “bless the Lord o’ my soul, o’ my soul, worship His Holy Name”. Oh how true those sweet words are. Though the tears are more than likely hormone induced (most of them are these days), they are genuine. It has been a great leap of faith to grow this little business. There is a story behind it, one I will share soon. But today, I simply find myself thankful and blessed.

These days of being a mom and a business owner can be long and hard. There are days when I just want my office completely clean and train table free. Days where I long to go to the bathroom without an audience and shower in silence. Where my hair actually gets “done” and my lunch isn’t eaten in 30 seconds and is more than leftovers from a little person’s plate. But then my 2 year old climbs in my lap to “read” me a book and I stop. Stop and listen to his little words. His soft voice. His big imagination. And then he stops, too.  He looks up at me and smiles. And I melt.

And just like that song, my sweet son reminds me why I am thankful and blessed…and why I do what I do. Yes, I do it for my kids, my family. But it is also for you moms and your sweet little people. I am reminded as I make a shirt for your little ones, we are all in this thing called motherhood together. And though we might have houses that are a mess and dinner from Chick-fil-A for the third time this week, at least we know we are not alone.

More than anything I just want to say – Keep up the good work, moms! Thank you for letting us love on you and your kids one shirt at a time.